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Behind the Scenes: Roles and Responsibilities of a Film Crew for Hire near you!

When considering hiring a film crew near you, the options can seem limitless. It’s crucial to find the right film crew for hire near you to bring your vision to life. In today’s world, creating content for your business or personal use can be seemingly effortless — you need only pull out your phone and start recording. However, many find that the end product leaves them with something resembling little more than a home movie. The vision they set out to produce often lacks that “wow factor”. Moreover, even when hiring a local neighborhood videographer, who shows up with just a camera and good intentions, the end result can feel disappointingly similar. To truly capture the essence of your project, finding a professional film crew for hire near you can make all the difference.




I have seen this time and time again with a lot of our clients. And the truth is, the powerful images that engage an audience, that grow your business, that gives you the chills when you watch the wedding or special event recap video years later is due, in most cases, to the artistry of more than just one person. 

The film crew

The adhesive for your vision and the successful delivery of your film. We all know the saying “it takes a village” and the art of video production is no different. At CineView, we have an elite stable of film crew that elevates a film. The lighting technician,, the sound engineer, the camera operator, the producer who puts its all together, and the production assistant who is always at the ready to aid the production creates an atmosphere for success on any film project. 

When looking for a production company for your video production needs, there are several key positions that you may need to learn about so that you can understand how the team operates and why they are so vital to a successful production. We will skip discussing directors and writers, as these roles are already well-known. While there are MANY roles that we can look at, let’s take a look at four of the most commonly unknown, and overlooked roles, in the film crew world. 

#1 The Producer

Let’s start at the top. The producer is the backbone of any good production. They put all the pieces together, sort of speak. If you were to say to a production company “I’d like a simple shot of me walking down a busy street while I talk to the camera and enter an office building.” Many elements comprise this seemingly simple concept. For example, to cast people for a busy street scene, a producer actively seeks a casting director or, in the case of a modest budget, collaborates with you to recruit willing extras.


To record dialogue while walking down the street, the producer hires a sound recordist. For closing the street, the producer efficiently contacts the local permitting agency to secure the necessary paperwork. Outside of that, they would do this on time and on budget.  There are many, MANY things the producer does to make a shoot successful. This is a general idea to help you better understand their position. I like joke sometimes by saying “You can always tell who the producer is on set, because they’re usually the ones sitting and enjoying the snacks while others work.” Of course, they can because by the time the shoot actually happens, they’ve done all their work!

#2 Director of Photography

The Director of Photography is the magician that makes the image absolutely perfect. They work alongside the director to understand the vision and the intention of the piece;  whether it is a comedic commercial, a scary scene, or a business professional trying to reach more clients. The producer collaborates closely with both the camera and lighting departments to ensure the capture of the highest quality image.

#3 The Gaffer

Our Gaffer is crucial for visibility, mastering the art of lighting. On larger sets, they lead a team of lighting technicians, ensuring the light is perfectly balanced for a beautifully captured image. No more over exposed windows, no more dark or shadowy interior shots (unless of course that’s what the mood calls for). 

#4 The Sound Recordist

This is, in my opinion, the most overlooked crew position. The quality of the sound in your film production is one of the deciding factors for an audience on whether the video is high quality or not. With no disrespect to any film department, the image of a film can sometimes be forgiven as “a choice the director was making” but bad audio quality is an immediate turn off to even the most forgiving audience. You’ve probably experienced this yourself at one point; watching a commercial and the irritating buzz of low quality sound completely kills any ability to take the work seriously. Sound is the unsung hero of the film crew, pun intended. Roles and Responsibilities of a Film Crew for Hire near you!

I’ll more than likely return to this topic in the future to keep exploring film crew positions but, to me, these are four you most definitely should know before hiring a production company for your next film project. If you’re in the state of Florida and you’re entertaining the idea of  investing in your business with video production and photography then make CineView your first stop. We service the entire state of Florida  and work with budgets of all sizes! Our award winning film crew is here to make your film something you’ll want to watch again and again. Creating Is What We Do!




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