A true Florida filmmaker at heart, Christopher Jackson was born and bred in The Sunshine State and has had the pleasure of filming in nearly every city in the state. He’s had the honor of producing and directing for the Governor’s office, including the 2023 The Facts Your Future campaign. He wrote and directed the […]

Daryn Murphy is a Grip & Electric professional and Director of Photography living in Largo, Florida.  He was born in Long Island, New York before moving with his family in 1988.  He pursued his passion of filmmaking throughout his academic career, receiving a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art at the University of South Florida […]

Scott shaped his entire adult life around his love of making movies. While he started as an actor and a stuntman in front of the camera, he chose to transition to writing, shooting, and directing to have greater control over the stories. He took a career in teaching to have the summers off to hone […]