Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate Video Production Services is often a huge investment that corporation will make in order to accomplish a few crucial message campaigns. The corporate video could be used for HR Dept. Trainings, general internal videos, archival videos for the corporation’s projects, and, in most cases, be the client-facing presentation that helps strengthen the brand of the corporation and attract new clients.

More often than not filmmakers will confuse corporate video production services with a general brand-identifying commercial. The two styles are, in more ways than one, completely different.




Corporate Video Production Services are generally more informative and message based while brand-identifying commercials have a much wider berth of what the final product can look, sound, and feel like.

Today, I want us to take a closer look at Corporate Video Production Services and the corporate style of shooting can be monumentally beneficial for large businesses to convey their message.



One of the main obstacles any corporation will face will be communicating information to large groups of employees in a way where the “cross talk” will be minimized and the original message stays clear. There are many times in corporate wide memos or even company meetings where statements can be misinterpreted or miscommunicated. The power of utilizing Corporate Video Production Services is the ability to effectively communicate your messaging, no matter what it is, clearly and concisely. Working with a professional video producer the tone of the video and emotive nature of the message will be able to be fine tuned through the editing and recording process to make sure the message is well understood. I’ll give an example.

One of our clients is a large investment firm here in the Tampa Bay Area and every 6 months they host a large meeting with their investment clients to give them a run down of where the markets are at, what they project the future holds, and most importantly how they are protecting their clients money. I don’t know about you but when it comes to other people’s money, it is not the time to have a miscommunication. This is the time to confidently convey a message of security and success. As such, this particular company has utilized our Corporate Video Production Services at Prism Video Productions to show their investing clients how they’re wealth is doing through the visual medium. Not only do we create a video package for the event, but we also record the event live so the clients can revisit as needed. Every year, our friends at the investing firm remind us how powerful these video services are for their clients. They can refer to them again and again and the message the firm puts out is clear as crystal because of our video services.

This same process can be applied to training videos, hiring materials, and corporate highlights for clients.


Corporate Videos get a bad rap for being miserable to sit through and I think we can all imagine the dry “Welcome to Our Company” videos we’ve seen at some point or another. I vividly remember a particularly tortuous new hire video I watched as a teenager for a grocery store. Even the comfort of getting paid to watch it wasn’t enough to keep my brain from melting.

The good news is that corporate videos have evolved since the 90’s. Corporations have shifted to more personal and unique messaging techniques outside of the robotic nature we’ve all grown accustomed to. Personality and a feeling of naturalism has replaced all that old-school presentations. The use of graphics and music has been a huge influence as well.

When you hire Prism Video Productions for your Corporate Video Production Services, you’ll be working with an entire team where storytelling and messaging are synergistic; emotional connection is key no matter what the messaging is. The way to get anyone to retain the messaging naturally is to be sure they can have an emotional response to that message and that emotional response could be something as simple as “joy” or creating a sense of responsibility and care for the message being given. This works extremely well for new hire videos, HR videos, and general messaging.



Now that we’ve looked at the two most important elements of Corporate Video

Production Services, let’s take a brief look at why the corporate video is different from a brand-identifying commercial. We see that Corporate Videos need to be centralized around a certain message or lesson for people to take in, whereas the brand-identfying Commercial is the actual calling card for the business. Inside the commercial world we’re able to build a client facing advertisement that wants to specifically gain more business. In the Corporate video, we are wanting to convey a message without any distractions. Fancy camera work is rarely needed in a corporate video but in a commercial we’re dealing with capturing the attention of new leads and potential clients.

If we get too aggressive and artsy in our corporate video, the messaging could be lost. If we do the same in a brand-identifying commercial, we’re capturing attention. It’s as simple as that.


If you’re interested in either Corporate Video Production Services or brand-identifying commercials then reach out to Prism Video Productions today for all your video production and photography needs.


See you on Set!

Christopher Jackson

Prism Video Productions, Executive Producer




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