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Need a trailer for your Production? Get the best Production trailer rental with Cineview!

Below is a complete overview of our latest offering here at CineView, the most well thought out production trailer rental for your video productions. Below we will highlight whats on the trailer, what you can expect when using the trailer, and (most importantly) how to acquire this production trailer for you television and film projects anywhere in Florida!




It’s all about the wheels – When you are looking for grip and electric gear to support (or fully outfit) your video production, one of the often overlooked aspects is how is said gear getting to set? Or to multiple sets with location moves in between. Sure you’ve rented the gear you need and it’s sitting in a van or truck outside of the set, but now it needs to get back and forth efficiently (up elevators, long hallways, stadiums, etc…) without taking up precious shoot time! That’s why at CineView, G&E built our trailer with everything on wheels: C Stands, 4×4 frames, sand bags all on carts and easy to load/unload and move around to where you need everything to go.


Not only does having your grip and electric equipment on wheels help get you to where you need to go efficiently, it’s also the safer choice! Carrying stands and lights by hands over far distances can cause fatigue and it also  increases risks for droppage and unnecessary wear and tear on the gear itself. All of our carts are designed to fit through standard door and elevator sizes to make sure you and the gear get to your destination safely. 


Solar Power – One of the most important features of our video production trailer is the solar powered interior and exterior lighting. Inside the trailer, we have outfitted each support beam with LED lighting to provide coverage from end to end so you’ll be able to navigate the interior of the trailer safely. Outside, there is 360 degree lighting so loading up at night can be done without risking your safety. The LED lights are bright and easily accessible at the opening of the trailer. Each section of lighting on the outside is controlled individually so you don’t have to utilize all the lights at once. Although the reserve battery will run out, you can successfully power the solar lights on the trailer for 4 hours before the battery will run dry. After that, you can utilize the power from your towing vehicle to power the lights. 


What’s Inside? – Our 18 foot production trailer represents a 1.5 ton package with lighting options available to complete your project needs. It comes standard with a 2k Honda generator, small hazer, hi hat, and Dana Dolly. Standard complement of c stands (14 standard, 2 baby), 6 combo stands, 2 low boys and 2 slider combos, 4×4 cart, and muscle cart for sand bags. An assortment of rags, solids and bounces comes standard along with 6×6, 8×8 and 12×12 frames. All of the equipment is meticulously inspected to ensure that is functional, clean, and safe for use. Additionally, all of the carts are strapped in prior to pick and their placement in the trailer is labeled on the trailer walls for convenience when you’re repacking the trailer after a shoot. 


How to Rent – Our production trailer rental process is extremely easy. We simply ask for a certificate on insurance and a valid driver’s license on file. The rental rates and the any additional equipment rentals (like lighting and camera packages) can be found on our website at Once you’re ready to rent, you just just give us a call at 727-301-3001 or shoot us an email at


Once we’ve collected all the paperwork, you’ll simply come out and pick up the production trailer. It will be prepacked for you with all you’ve requested and a team member at CineView will go through the trailer, both inside and outside, so you see the gear and can test the trailer hook ups before you leave. 

An even easier method for rental is to utilize an in-house CineView G&E member to be a part of your crew and they can bring the trailer and all the additional rented peices to you! 


So that’s it! Renting a video production trailer in Florida has never been easier or more convenient than it is here at CineView. Our 1.5 ton production trailer is only a phone call away and we love being able to offer this new service to filmmakers across the state of Florida. Since we are centrally located in Florida in the Tampa Bay Area it’s easy to utilize our production trailer on your next shoot! 

See you on set!





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