What is ‘Full Service Video Production’?

Prism Video Productions is a full service video production company based in the beautiful Tampa Bay Area, servicing all of Florida. That sounds pretty fancy but what does it actually mean when I say that we are a full service video production company? It essentially is what it sounds like. We take care of EVERYTHING involved in your video production. From pre-production, to production, to post production. It also means that no matter what your video production calls for, Prism Video Productions is able to provide the service and the team needed; broadcasting, live streaming, commercials, corporate videos, animation, CGI, etc. We literally do it all. As opposed to a filmmaker who specializes in one aspect of filmmaking, Prism Video Productions has found a way to bring many artists together to ensure the most efficient and dependable production standards are met on any production. This is important because there are an incredible number of roles that have to be filled on large scale productions for the three main phases of production; pre-production, production, and post production. 


Just a quick recap


Pre Production is the initial, and most important, part of the entire video production process. Here is where seasoned producers and creatives will work with you from concept to development, casting, crewing the actual production, and handling all logistical needs for a shoot. Production is where the magic happens. We can help crew your production with proficient and talented artists such as lighting specialists, directors of photography, production assistants, and all the other key players for the production to be successful. Finally, Post Production is The final phase after production is complete. We can handle all final deliverables of your production including editing, sound mixing, animations, visual effects, and original musical composition. Even better, we are able to do those no matter where you are located due to our interactive online editing process. Prism Video Productions handles stages of production.


Let’s take a look at why Prism Video Productions is different from other companies that only specialize in one specific field and the benefits of hiring a full service video production company.




It’s no secret that there are an incredible number of pieces to the puzzle of video production. Crewing and gear acquisition alone can be a task. When throwing in other pieces of the puzzle like travel and lodging accommodations, or permitting, or mapping out production schedules the “honey-do” list for your commercial can quickly start racking up! But then we outside of just production logistics, what about the actual idea of the shoot? If you have one, great, if you don’t, no worries. At Prism Video Productions we have helped craft local, national, and international campaign messages and ideas. The creative team here at Prism Video Productions will get to know your company and understand your messaging and goals and help craft the campaign alongside you. 


So now, we’ve crafted the idea for you, we’ve shot the movie, and now we’re moving into post production.  Prism Video Productions has you covered there too! Being a full service video production company means you aren’t outsourcing each and every department, you come to us to do it right with our team. During post production, we begin editing the footage, crafting graphics, creating or licensing music, and finally delivering the final finished product. We’re with you every step of the way. 


That’s the benefit of hiring Prism Video Productions as opposed to someone who specializes in only one or two components of filmmaking. Prism Video Productions is a village of highly skilled, top-tier professionals working toward exceeding expectations. 




Another beneficial aspect of hiring a full service video production company, like Prism Video Productions, is the ability to fill in gaps your current production may have. We’re not an “all or nothing” production company, we get real joy working with other production companies in the Tampa Bay Area and all across Florida. It’s one of the greatest ways to network with fellow filmmakers and be able to continue deepening our trust here in the Sunshine State as one of the most professional video production companies in the state. There have been countless times where a production company has called us in a pinch for a crew member or a piece of equipment and we’ve always done our best to jump in to help. Since we have every aspect of production covered here at Prism Video Productions it’s very easy for us to jump into an existing production to lend support. That could be something as easy as providing production assistants for the shoot or helping lock down a location or even providing our 1.5 ton video production trailer for a shoot.




At Prism Video Productions, we have meticulously cultivated our culture to ensure that as full service video production company we are able to provide assistance in any aspect of the production process, whether that pre production, production, or post production services.

We are able to do this because of the culture; every team member is important, no job is irrelevant. Our network of masterful artists and detail oriented producers ensure the highest quality production whether we’re just filling in the gaps or responsible for the entire production. 


If you’re interested in utiliing Prism Video Productions as your full service video production partner, give me a call today for your free consultation! 


See You On Set! 

Christopher Jackson

Prism Video Productions, Executive Producer

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