Film Production Companies In Florida

What’s it like finding Film Production Companies in Florida?

Alright, you and your business are ready to start testing the waters in video production and photography marketing campaigns to help grow your business. No matter where you are in the idea process of creating your campaign there are some general guidelines you can follow to help ensure that when looking at film production companies in Florida you’ll be able to enter the relationship confident and prepared. Let’s go over 3 of the most common things to look for, and look out for, when hiring for video and photography services. 




They Ain’t All Equal

This is the hard truth. Not all film companies are the same. I’m not just talking about the camera or the gear either. We live in an age where a lot of incredible things can be captured by opening the camera app on your phone. However, I think you’d agree, an experienced cameraman would be able to find more interesting compositions in the images with a camera phone than an inexperienced person with a sixty-thousand dollar camera would. Experience is what sells your business through video and photography. Many film production companies in Florida exist and many of them claim to be able to do the exact same thing; shoot your commercial or special event. However, take the time to look beyond the selling points and look at the actual experience. You can do this by looking at past work. Most experienced production companies will be able to offer you what is called a “demo reel”, which is essentially a collection of their work. They should also be able to offer you supplemental videos of more specific works, like interviews they’ve shot or links to active commercial campaigns. These videos are the calling card of credible film production companies in Florida. If the company you’re looking at can’t provide these vital assets, you’re taking a risk hiring them.

Involvement is Your Investment

This is the one that’ll catch you by surprise and happens AFTER you’ve already decided on who you’d like to hire after researching film production companies in Florida. Allow me to explain. So, let’s assume you’ve gone through several video production reels from different companies and you’ve landed on the one you’d like to hire. You hop on the phone and begin to explain what you’re looking for. You might be excited at the prospect of reaching more people to grow your business, you might be weary of the actual reward your financial investment is going to bring you, or you may be absolutely clueless on how any of this works and need guidance from a professional. No matter the scenario, if you’re video production company isn’t involved and is merely there to “shoot the shot”, then get out and get out fast. 

A quality video production company will have a producer that will basically act as your right hand as you make your movie and they’ll be there from start to finish to ensure you feel comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable about the film process. This is going to be true whether you’re making a commercial, shooting a live event, a wedding, a reality show, or any other subject matter you can think of. If the film production company isn’t involved and asking questions and offering solutions consistently, then your investment is being wasted.

When I am working with a new client at Prism Video Productions, our first meeting is simply a consultation process, it’s a period of time where I can find out what the goals are, what the financial commitment is going to be, and how I can best answer any questions the client may have. By the time the consultation is over, the client should feel like they are as actively involved as I am to make their vision a reality. 

A Dime a Dozen

It’s true. Not many film production companies in Florida will admit this, but, there are more film production companies in Florida than you can shake a stick at. Simply do a Google search for a “video production near me” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s so incredibly easy to make movies and take photos now that the market for these services has become oversaturated and more often than not, a person or company looking for video services will hire just to end the search. We’ve seen it happen. It’s painful when we work with someone to fix a commercial that the original film company botched. Not just because I value a person’s time above all else, but because often times on lower budgets (we’re talking 5k-10k) that financial investment is absolutely CRUCIAL to the company. They need that investment to pay off. We’ve gotten the call so many times at Prism Video Productions, “I hired so-and-so” and it just didn’t hit the mark, can you fix it?”. Often, unfortunately, the answer is “no”. We have to start over and there’s a million legitimate reasons why. These “dime a dozen” production companies lack what we talked about in the beginning, experience. 

So, my advice? Take your time. Talk to the producers, get different view points for your commercial. 

  1. WITH. YOUR. GUT.  If you’re currently looking at film production companies in Florida for your video production and photography needs, reach out to me today for your free consultation. You can call or text me anytime at 727-301-3001.


See you on set! 


Christopher Jackson

Executive Producer, Prism Video Productions




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