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You Should Be Making Your Tampa Commercial Video Now

It’s no secret, I love producing my videos and photos in Tampa. It’s never been easier and it’s never been more cost effective. I was born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area and I’ve been producing commercials here for more than decade. There’s a good reason for that. Not only does CineView produce Tampa Commercial Video content for local companies but we also have a successful track record of courting companies from out of state to join us here in the Sunshine State to experience why we believe that there’s no place like Tampa to be making your commercial. Let’s take a look at two of my favorite things about shooting here in the bay area to make a Tampa Commercial Video. 






The network that I have been able to be a part of and build making Tampa Commercial Videos is comprised of the the most talented and dedicated professionals in the film industry. No matter what department, if CineView is using them, that means that track records in the industry are beyond reproach. We take great pride in our colleagues here in Tampa. There is this misnomer in the film industry that Florida is a “dead zone” for video production. Granted, there is some truth to this and it’s tied to the tax incentives that have long been dried up in Florida legislature. Groups like Florida Film Network are constantly lobbying to bring these tax incentives back to Florida (and for good reason) but that’s a topic for another day. However, at CineView we have found that Feature Film work depends on these incentives way more often than any of our commercial work. Not saying it wouldn’t be nice to have but because of CineView’s ties to our local network of professionals we’re able to crew up, lock in beautiful locations, and deliver Tampa Commercial Video productions with very little pushback from clients. We save them the money they would otherwise be getting back from Tax Incentives and that is beneficial for everyone involved. In 2023 alone, CineView as able to employ over 200 local crew and actors. Talent is alive and well in the Tampa Bay Area and is far from a “dead zone” in the Tampa Commercial Video sector. 

Dedicated Film Commission Goes A LONG WAY

Our friends at Film Tampa Bay [ ] have long been a champion for local video production companies. They have worked tirelessly to not only bring incentives to Tampa, alongside large scale productions that will provide work to countless numbers of professionals in the area. CineView and Film Tampa Bay share that goal; bringing out of state productions here to Tampa to experience how incredible of an experience it is to shoot here. 

More importantly, our film commission is a constant support system for the productions we shoot here in the Bay Area. From closing down streets, to finding unique locations to film in, and ensuring a successful production by being a general support system our Film Commission makes Tampa Commercial Video productions a breeze. I can tell you from experience, shooting in a Florida town that does NOT have a film commission becomes an absolute time suck, making us spend more money and more energy navigating the channels to set up shoots. The Tampa Film Commission makes it easier to court clients to shoot in Tampa. I’ll give you a great example; A few years ago I had a vision for a shoot where I wanted a bridge at night to be shut down. The budget wasn’t the largest in the world and the parameters weren’t complicated. Shooting at night means more production vehicles and safety measures and, remember, I wanted an entire bridge shut down. Well, within 2 days our request Film Tampa Bay had found the perfect location. It was on a private road so we would be able to have the production vehicles close by and they worked on our behalf with the Parks Department to make sure we could shut down the bridge. Without an ally, like the commission to work the appropriate channels, this could have taken weeks! Instead, it took about 4 days to finish. 

Needless to say, if CineView is making a Tampa Commercial Video, we’re utilizing the film commission.

There are many more reasons I love shooting in Tampa and I’m sure I’ll visit some other reasons in future blog posts but these two were the first that came to mind. The talent incredible, dependable, and professional to work alongside and the film commission is one of the best groups I’ve worked with and I’ve worked in many different cities and states.  


If you’re interested in Tampa Commercial Video productions or simply want to schedule a free consultation on how CineView can help provide video production or photography services for you or your company, reach out today! 


See You on Set, 

Christopher Jackson

Executive Producer, CineView




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